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The Christmas pop-up photo sessions- Groningen

It was a spontaneous idea and ended up to be a great success!

I decided about 4 weeks prior to the pop- up studio to do the Christmas photo sessions after putting out the idea on social media to pulse the interest for Christmas themed photo sessions. and it was quickly noted, there was definitely interest..

It was fun from start to finish; designing the flyers, from planning the studio lighting set-up , checking out props, the photo sessions themselves, the energy and happiness from the kids in the studio, editing the images and reading the positive reactions from the results of the customers after their photo session. It was also nice to receive images from clients and see what they had used the images for. Christmas cards were being printed and personalized gifts for grand parents and family members were on order!

The year isn't even out and I'm already checking out studio backgrounds for next year's Christmas photo sessions!

Winter wonderland photo sessions are also something I would love to do! Keep an eye out on Instagram/ Facebook and stay tuned for information on the winter wonderland sessions! I thought it would be nice to share a few examples of the Christmas pop-up photo sessions so below are a few.

I would like to thank everyone that booked a Christmas photo session this year and look forward to seeing you again next year, maybe even before!

2020 has been a very bizarre year for most of us but lets keep making those special memories when we can so we can preserve and cherish the special moments that tend to quickly pass us by.



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