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Bueno vista social club

Last week I heard the Bueno vista social club playing in the background whilst in the supermarket. Fantastic.

It brought back so many great memories of our travels to Cuba in 2016. We travelled to Cuba with our son who was then 5 years old. We visited a number of beautiful places: Pinar del rio, Cienfuegos, Trinidad, Varadero and of course Havana. We stayed in casa’s which is a b&b in a Cuban family home and for us it was the best way to really experience Cuba.

The ambience in Cuba is one of a kind.

Cuba is colourful and alive with an energy that permeates through every aspect of its culture. The music, the dance and the history all come to life under the same contagious and relentless vibe.

From the moment we landed in Havana until the time we flew out, we were invigorated by the country’s intense and wonderful spirit.

Here is a series of street photography pictures © Abigail Jane Fotografie

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